7 Reasons to Stick to BigCommerce Web Design


7 Reasons to Stick to BigCommerce Web Design

When it comes to your business and its branding, you hardly think of compromising irrespective of the aspects. That’s why you probably keep changing web service providers frequently to make your business platform more approachable to your customers. However, consistently changing services might impact your business website and applications. And, you might lag behind your competitors if you fail to make the platforms compatible with the latest technology.


Are you looking for a recommended service provider for website designs? That would offer you acquaintance with the newest technical improvements along with speed. Look no further  contact web design victoria. BigCommerce offers countless themes, applications layouts with an open API. BigCommerce has helped numerous businesses to establish their identities in the world of eCommerce stores. And, the list is quite large and contains extensive scopes for retailers to large-sized enterprises.


Here are some obvious advantages of using BigCommerce Web Design for your business.

1.  Customizable Templates

Deciding a business-friendly template and designing would give you a headache, especially when you haven’t employed a special team for website design service. BigCommerce designers would definitely help you in building integrated applications on the eCommerce site. The platform offers a single click integration facility. Moreover, you can try out any of the available templates just by dragging and dropping.


Additionally, the open API environment lets you personalize the templates according to your convenience. You can lead the change by changing the codings within the HTML and CSS files. Moreover, BigCommerce agencies mostly allow every developer to use common scripts and codes to bring variation to their enterprise templates.


Indeed, Bigcommerce offers twelve themes for free to use. And, when you seek for paid themes, then there are almost 140 paid templates. The paid templates differ from each other and you can choose any bold or subtle one based on your approach. The issue with free templates is their resemblance to each other. So, to avoid confusion and competition, you can choose any paid themes. Another beneficial point that comes with BigCommerce templates is that all of them are completely responsive, even on mobile interfaces. The customized templates offer you tracking management, too.


2.  Create Aesthetic Storefronts

When you are creating an online store for your business on BigCommerce, you can improve the storefronts. So, the visitors can gain interest while shopping on your eCommerce platform. And, surprisingly, the web development platform of BigCommerce delivers you a chance to adjust your store-fronts by using dynamic web design templates. That’s too without any help of literal coding. Yes, you need not interfere with the coding structure of the HTML and CSS tags.


The dedicated theme for this purpose is WYSIWYG that also helps you to experience the changes in the interface over desktop, tablet, and other mobile devices. If you are a hard-core developer, then you can use YAML conventions, Handlebars, Sass/SCSS languages to make any further changes. Such stencil themes utilize open-source code so that starting from beginners to experienced developers, everyone can accommodate the theme as per the requirements of the online store.


3.  Showcasing your Products made Easier than Ever

One of the majestic features of BigCommerce is its capability of handling products and their variants. Whereas the competitors of BigCommerce allow only a few options for products. BigCommerce has adjusted product rules and options for third-party applications. And, being on the BigCommerce platform, you can grab a chance of creating up to 250 product options.


Additionally, the platform allows you to insert almost 600 product variants where Squarespace and Shopify have limited the amount by 100. So, it becomes more feasible to organize your products as you can avail different categories. Moreover, your customer can see the sizes that are in the stock. However, you have to arrange the categories and their names manually.


4.  Pricing Options

Free website design service platforms might seem tempting, but they can invite obvious danger to your website security protocols. And, BigCommerce is not a free platform. Generally, BigCommerce plans are categorized into four different categories. They are standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise Plan. The cheapest plan among them is the Standard one and the Enterprise one is the most expensive one. However, you can sign up for BigCommerce with a 15-day free trial plan and if the plan doesn’t suit you, then you can redeem the money back.


What does BigCommerce deliver in return for your monthly or annual subscription? You are provided with the facilities of selling unlimited products, staff accounts, numerous channels for sale such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, and eBay. Moreover, access to unlimited discounts, coupons, and gift cards along with customer ratings and reviews are available with a subscription to BigCommerce. The list of acquisitions extends if you opt for expensive plans on BigCommerce.


One of the finest features of the BigCommerce platform is the abandoned cart recovery system. If anyone fails to place the order on your online store, your software would dispatch automatic emails to the concerned customer. So, the customer can make the purchase without any interruption. And, according to statistics, vendors have witnessed almost a raise of 30 percent in conversion rates.


5.  Payment Gateways

Now, you are done with your product showcasing, designing templates, plans; but, what about the payment options from your customer? How does BigCommerce enable the payment gateway? BigCommerce hasn’t imposed any obstruction on payment gateways as you can switch among your preferred ones. And, thanks to BigCommece as it doesn’t burden you with additional transaction fees.


However, the transaction fees over credit charges still remain. BigCommerce platform has introduced almost 65 payment gateways for fast processing. It has successfully reduced the transaction fees by creating a bond with the payment processors. Some notable payment gateways associated with BigCommerce are:


  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Stripe
  • Adyen
  • Square


6.  Boost Selling in Multiple Nations

If you want to make your online store available in more than one country, then it’s possible with BigCommerce. Moreover, you can make the payment procedure easy for multinational customers. As you can let the customers choose the currencies in which they favour to make the payment. Additionally, the customers can observe the pricing of the products in their own familiar currencies.


Depending on the IP address, the currencies would convert into compatible ones. And, BigCommerce is a clear winner as similar competitors refuse to offer the same feature for multi-currency sales.


7.  Shipping Facilities

Free shipping features persuade more attention from customers. If you are dreaming of free shipping, then BigCommerce won’t disappoint you. You can install the BigCommerce Shipping application and avail its wonderful collaboration with renowned third-party shipping giants. Even, you can avail great discounts on choosing FedEx, USPS, and DHL.


Apart from free shipping, surprise your customers with convenient tracking of shipment, next-day shipping, and pick-from-store facilities. BigCommerce makes shipping possible by controlling all the activities from a single hub, receding the confusion.


Are you concerned about the Security Protocols of BigCommerce?

Don’t, because BigCommerce has gathered every important SSL certificate to emphasize on security premises. So, neither your customers nor you have to face any online fraudulence while seeking the best online store experience. It’s worth every penny to join the BigCommerce platform to enhance your business.