Affiliate Marketing In Kenya

Affiliate Marketing In Kenya

Affiliate Marketing In Kenya

Whether you are looking for an alternative income source or a better-paying revenue model, turning your focus online might be the best option. There are many ways of earning revenue online, including:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Coaching
  • Subscriptions
  • Selling a product or virtual service
  • Ads

If you have a blog and social media account, you can make all these models work to start making money passively. Today we will be discussing affiliate marketing in Kenya, including how to do it and why you should do it. 

Here is your guide to affiliate marketing in Kenya. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you promote a service or a product on your website or blog. You will earn a commission when visitors click on the link and make a purchase. This can be a viable online revenue model for websites and blogs with a highly engaged audience.

The good thing with affiliate marketing is that you have endless opportunities to promote as many products as you want. Moreover, you can track your sales through affiliate links.

DomainRacer Web Hosting Affiliate – (Refer And Earn Up To 70% Commission)

It is a high-paying web hosting affiliate program in Kenya. DomainRacer is the greatest web hosting provider company. They serves web hosting plans at an reasonable price. Also, you get pure unlimited SSD storage space, faster LiteSpeed technology, secure visitors data with SSL  and bounded with many more surprises. Upgrading to DomainRacer’s cheap and budget vps hosting deals will drastically increase your best site performance.

If you are searching for earning money from an affiliate then the DomainRacer is the best choice. You can easily earn a good revenue from the domainracer affiliate marketing. DomainRacer web hosting affiliate has a 13.11% transformation ratio and earn up to 70% commission on the sale. Because of their popularity, it is easy to generate more profit with DomainRacer affiliate.

DomainRacer web hosting affiliate commissions structure as:

[1] 1-10 Sales – Earn up to 30%

[2] 10-20 Sales – Earn up to 40%

[3] 21-50 Sales – Earn up to 50%

[4] 51+ Sales – Earn up to 70%

To join the DomainRacer web hosting affiliate program is a simple process. With 3 steps you can start your own earning (Sign up – Promote – Earn). DomainRacer affiliate is a very interesting program. If you sell more, you will get more bonuses. You can earn $200 bonuses for referring 50 or more sales in a month.

  • Get commission per sale up to [70%]
  • Highest translation rate [13.11% ]
  • Earn credit bonus [$2500+]
  • Free helping hands [24/7/365]
  • The free and user-friendly joining process
  • On request payout payment policy

With DomainRacer web hosting affiliate program you will get a chance to generate more revenue.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Before you get started with affiliate marketing, it is essential to understand how it works. Simply put, affiliate marketing is a partnership between a merchant and an affiliate. The merchant, in this case, is the business selling the product or service. Therefore, an affiliate is the one promoting the service or product to their audience. The affiliate will earn a commission for every successful case. 

It is also important to note that some merchants also pay a commission for every  lead. 

Various Types of Affiliate Marketing Channels

The goal of affiliate marketing is t earn you an income through commissions. However, you can use various affiliate marketing channels to earn a commission. Your preferences and content type will determine the channel of your choice.

Let’s discuss various forms of affiliate marketing channels to help you get started. 


Yes, you heard it right. Influencer marketing is a form of affiliate marketing. So, the next time you see your favorite influencers, know that you could be earning an income just like them. As an influencer, you will have the chance to promote services or products to your audience. This can be done through social media posts, blogs, video-sharing platforms like YouTube, and other interactions. 


The next affiliate marketing channel you can leverage to start earning a commission is blogging. As a blogger, you will have to create engaging content that readers and search engines love. With more organic views, you will have the chance to earn more from affiliate marketing. 

You can do this by reviewing various products. For instance, you can create a blog on the best affordable smartphones in Kenya and place your affiliate links to earn a commission. Alternatively, you can make how-to guides and place helpful affiliate links in your content.

Check out this list of the best Kenyan bloggers to understand how blogging works. 

Paid Search Focused Microsites

You can also make money through affiliate marketing by developing and monetizing microsites. Microsites are blended websites used by brands to promote their services or products. Usually, microsites are hosted on the brand’s domain or subdomain. 

The most popular microsites include questions in the sky for Air France. Red Bull has also created a microsite called Karl Meltzer. When you develop a microsite, your role will be to create more focused and relevant content for a specific audience. Microsites usually lead to increased conversions due to their simplicity and straightforward call to action. 

Email Lists

Although email marketing is the earliest form of affiliate marketing, it is still an effective channel. As an affiliate, you will be sending email lists to your audience to promote the merchant’s products or services. You might also send newsletters with hyperlinks to the seller’s products or services.

Alternatively, you can build an email list and send emails about the products you are promoting. 

Large Media Websites. 

Large media websites are designed to attract high traffic at all times. Such websites can be used to promote services and products to their followers through contextual affiliate links. This affiliate market channel is popular due to its high conversion rates for both the affiliate and merchant. 

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Kenya

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is and how it works let’s look at some of the highest-paying affiliate programs in Kenya.

  1. Jumia

Jumia is probably one of the most popular marketplaces in Kenya today. The company has an affiliate program that pays up to 11% commission for any successful sale. Recently Jumia has rebranded its affiliate program to KOL

  1. Kilimall

Kilimall is yet another popular marketplace in the country today. This affiliate program pays up to 8% of any successful sale. 

  1. Travelstart

Travelstart is an online travel agency that allows users to search, book, pay, and even compare ticket prices for both international and local flights. The agency has a travel affiliate program that will enable you to earn depending on the number of paid bookings every month. 

You can earn around kes400 for every successful domestic booking and kes1200 for every successful international booking. 

  1. KenyaPesa

KenyaPesa is a platform that allows users to send funds from their foreign bank accounts to their Mpesa accounts. The platform enables users to send more than $15. As an affiliate, you will earn at least $0.05 per referral. 

  1. iPay Africa

iPay Africa allows online shoppers to make payments to international sites. This affiliate marketing program pays up to 10% commission of the commission fee. 

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush helps both marketers and SEO experts to improve their marketing campaigns. It also has an affiliate program that allows you to earn a commission for every successful sale or trial activation. 

  1. HostFiti Website Builder

HostFiti is a website builder that strives to help small business owners to create an online presence. It also offers a commission of between 20% and 25% for every successful purchase. 

  1. Topserve 

Topserve specializes in cake décor accessories, including packaging and photo printers. This affiliate program is ideal for marketers in the baking niche. You will earn up to 5% commission for every successful sale. 

  1. Coursera

Coursera is a major online platform that seeks to help students to succeed in their studies. You can earn up to 45% commission when you join this affiliate program.  

Other Notable Programs

  • Teachable pays up to 50% commission.
  • Udemy pays up to 15% commission. 
  • Shopify pays around $58 for every successful referral. 
  • Bluehost pays around $65 for every successful referral. 
  • HostGator pays around $125 for every successful referral. 
  • Wix pays around $100 for every successful referral.
  • ClickFunnels pays around 40% monthly recurring income.
  • Leadpages pays up to 50% monthly recurring commission. 

Wrapping Up

There you go, your guide to alternative income sources through affiliate marketing.