Best Social Media Marketing Packages in Kenya

Social Media Marketing Packages

What is Social Media Marketing?


Firstly, social media marketing is the process of good and services promotion through social media platforms. Secondly, social media channels include; YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

They can be used to drive sales, leads, brand awareness creation, and traffic to websites. Social Media has been into existence for over two decades. Businesses are utilizing their presence to share exciting and engaging content.

Social Media Marketing Packages

The fact behind Social Media is that it is more accessible to everyone with an internet connection makes it extra useful. It is assisting brands in brand awareness creation and customer service provision. Social Media is the cheapest platform to implement effective and successful campaigns.


How can Social Media Marketing Campaigns and Sales Funnel Help Businesses?

You can generate more sales and leads through social media. But only if you have a clear goal with your marketing campaigns. Have a well-defined objective for your online brand and business? It provides a measurable return-on-investment for your set advertising budget. Again, it doubles the growth of your brand and offers personalized support for customers both globally and locally.


Global Desarts Media has the best experience that businesses are looking for in terms of Social Media Marketing and digital marketing services. Furthermore, our primary target is to reach your prospective audience and customers with a higher conversion rate that meets or exceeds your social media marketing budget.Social Media Marketing Packages


We listen attentively and take time to go through the client’s specifications, needs, and target market. Consequently, we advise, offer solutions, and excellent course of action that suits the goal set by our clients. Our team creates digital marketing strategies that deliver the best results according to the current campaign objective.

Our Social Media Marketing packages provide a complete tip, custom approach, insights, campaign design, media buying budget, and digital reports that meet the client’s expectations. Data research and analysis is the foundation that supports us, and we regularly adjust running campaigns to deliver appealing results in Kenya and the worldwide market.

What is Social Media Marketing funnel?

Social Media Marketing Packages

A marketing funnel is a step that your customers pass through. It starts at the point where they become aware of your business or brand until the final stage; they make a purchase. Social Media marketing funnels complete at a point you turn a loyal customer to be a true advocate of your brand.

How to Create  Funnel that Converts

Different experts and industries may have different options on the stages of a social media marketing funnel. Besides, what you mention in the scenes, there is a basic structure to a customer journey that finally reflects a sale and long-term brand advocacy. The most known social media sales funnel framework, and the one that applies to several businesses, includes five stages;




The social media marketing funnel starts with making your brand noticeable to potential customers and makes them aware of the existence of your company. As an entrepreneur, you need and be able to pinpoint a problem that your customers are experiencing then attach a solution of the same. In some scenarios where the audience is not aware of your brand, you should relate to them by offering a solution to a common problem.


It is the first touchpoint, and so it is not the right time to a hard pitch of your services and products. The goal and objectives are to provide support and value. The information you provide at this stage should be valuable enough to help you overcome customers’ attention to help them remember your brand and seek more information concerning your brand.


Showcase the value of your business through content, such as videos, blogs, webinars, and guides. Answer the questions your audience is looking for; it will drive potential leads to your website. Ideally, you will have the opportunity to build more trust and awareness.

Crafting Content

If you have some cash that can allow you to run or budget for paid advertising to increase awareness, then go ahead and create a campaign. By targeting a specific market or interest group, you are selectively targeting people who may be experiencing the problem you are aiming to solve.


When crafting blog content, try to utilize SEO and content marketing approach to attract new users organically.


Canva does a beautiful job of targeting key phrases that target audience is looking for and creating value-based content related to such topics.


Video marketing also performs very well in the brand awareness stage. If you can develop videos for Facebook or Instagram or useful YouTube tutorials, you are in a position to improve the chances of finding new users organically.



When potential customers continue through the marketing funnel, they begin to look for specific details when considering to purchase your products and services. The process includes researching why you feel your brand is better than competitors in the market.


At the consideration stage, you provide in-depth details to propel potential customers into the action phase. Providing potential customers with the best information, such as webinars and case studies can aid in building more trust in this phase.

For B2C companies, the consideration phase may involve customer testimonial campaigns, detailed product tutorials, and product reviews on Facebook Business Page.



If you’ve nurtured the client’s relationship until this point, customers will feel the receptive being sold at this step of the funnel. Review the data from your analytics to see how most of your audience has engaged with the previous stages.

At this phase, its convenient to apply social media platforms. The analytics and reporting features to track your data records and measure whether your paid social media ads triggered enough engagement, so you can view if you’re achieving your goals and objectives from the first stages of the funnel.

Nurturing customers

Trust that your customers have made it this far through your funnels and this is the stage they decide to buy your service or product. Continue to nurture and retain the relationships with them until they convert.

It is okay to gently convince your customers to take a slide and make a purchase, like giving purchase incentives. Offer customer discounts or free discounts. Most researches show that several people engage with offers and discounts.

During this stage, use remarketing paid campaigns to target users who have an interest in engaging them with the previous sections of your funnel.

For a case study, try to imagine the application of holiday promotions and discounts to offer shoppers an incentive to phone cases. As an example, they upsell the same offers with Instagram ads that target users who interacted with your brand previously.



Social Media Marketing Packages

It is always beneficial to remember your once you’ve made the sale. Most of the brands forget about previous customers once the sale is complete of which is not good. They seem to assume that once a customer purchases a product, they automatically come lifetime fun, but that is not always the case. Continue to build and maintain the relationship between you and your customers.


Maintain the connection with your customers and make them feel like they are part of your business entity. You can practice this through publishing social media content that supports them based on what they purchased.


Hashtag campaigns are a suitable approach since it makes users feel like they part of your company and encourage continued brand loyalty. For brands with less visual, you can also apply a similar strategy on Twitter by organizing Twitter chat and creating a hashtag



You’ve finally added value to your customers through the sale made. Now, it is time to push the funnel one step further. This is the phase to convert your customers into brand advocates. Provide some gratitude to your clients and reward them for spreading the news and information about your brand.


Collect customer testimonials and reviews. Offer some incentives that encourage customers to share their experiences with their colleagues and friends.

Nurturing of the customers’ relationship

Continuous nurturing of the customers’ relationship will convert them from being fans to brand ambassadors. Generally, they will organically influence their network to trust your brand. Keep building valuable content and nurture existing customer relationships.


Make it simple for customers to share their stories and advocate for your brand. Allow customers to share testimonials and reviews on your website or Facebook Business page to air their praises. At the advocacy level, work with power users to create content or existing customers.


Top Tools to Improve Your Results

You may be looking for Social Media Marketing tools that will guide you on which company to hire to manage your social media accounts. Or you are planning to do it by yourself; maybe you want to learn it to help other brands. We understand you have a specific reason, and we assure you success through tools shared in this article.


Content Research and Listening Tools

Also, note content without direction is nothing. Content research and listening tools play a vital role in information extraction and analysis. Besides the excellent content keywords and topics, your business has, you still need a tool to help you monitor the keywords. Through research and listening tools, you can secure the best channels for your content and filter it for easy consumption by audience demographics.


#1: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a tool that helps in identifying keywords, topics, and key influencers with analysis solutions. Since BuzzSumo was founded in 2012, it has helped businesses in deep insights into their content’s performance.


You can know the number of links directed to website content by using BuzzSumo. Again, you can use the same insights to plan for future campaigns and drop areas that can generate zero results.

Features of BuzzSumo:


Content Analyzer

After logging successfully, key in your website in the content analyzer feature. You will be able to see which business pages achieved high results in terms of engagements, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit shares. In the left column, you can adjust filters as per your need.

Question Analyzer

With the Question Analyzer tab, you can find common questions and keywords to see the most common keywords and questions for a particular key phrase. The same information is relevant when fine-tuning your SEO. In the left-hand column, you can manage filters as per your need.

Trending Now

This feature can assist in finding what is trending that can improve or bring some positive impacts to your business. In the Trending Now Tab, choose a subcategory (the type of business) to review the top news stories. This will help you identify the type of content that is trending at any particular moment.



What is Backlink? Backlinks are the external links that come from other websites to your website. The Backlinks Tab in BuzzSumo will help in identifying external links. Type your company URL to check out which companies backlinked the company. This is relevant to monitor your reputation: If “bad” sites are linking to you, that could be harming your reputation.



Influencers button is a feature in BuzzSumo that helps when searching influencers by content shared and bio details that are in relation to your business. You can then reach out to such influencers directly to gain more reach and engagement.



It is a button feature in BuzzSumo designed to help you create a content alert and monitor your brand mentions, content, competitor mentions, backlinks, keyword mentions, and authors.


#2: Canva

Canva helps you in developing everything for your social media accounts and business profile, from logos to infographics and polished content templates. Even if you need beautiful posters, business cards, or flyers, Canva can help you elevate your marketing campaigns without spending on hiring graphic designers.


Canva’s infographic is more potent for digital marketers in this era since people tend to consume content visual forms. It applies a drag-and-drop interface with an extensive library of graphic features. The Canva library consists of more that one million items you can add and customize to an infographic.


#3: Animoto

You can use Animoto to design informative and engaging marketing videos from scratch. It is an online social media video creator. Videos are the most shareable and engaging form of content. Many people don’t have the skills and tools to create professional videos, and so Animoto is designed to fill such gaps. It makes it simple for anyone to produce high-quality videos.

The tool that aid digital marketers

This a tool that aid digital marketers and business owners to discover audiences and influencers through data-driven intelligence. Affable provides the most effective influencers for running marketing campaigns and connects you to the influencers that resonate with your current audience. Through the same tool, you can analyze each influencer’s audience demographics and break them down into age, geographic, location, gender, and many more.


#4: Mention

Through the Mention tool, you can track the brand online and marketing insights platform. Mention offers brand mentions across the internet. It also shows keywords and competitor insights.


Campaign Objectives 

First, you need to understand your business goal. This will guide you to build a highly converting campaign. If you don’t have an idea, then you contact a company with an excellent background in Social Media marketing. Global Desarts don’t fail with their social media marketing packages. We offer social media marketing services to different brands in Kenya.

How to create a campaign that works best for your business?

Global Desarts Media aims at lifting business owners from zero levels to their desired dream. We create brand awareness for your business, services and products, events, and market offers. We can also conduct polls and surveys on your behalf to help you understand the business model and how you can beat the competition. Generating leads and inquiries acquire useful campaign data, and we have experts to handle it with a suitable approach.

Social Media Marketing Packages

As Global Desarts Media, we offer the best Social Media Marketing Packages. We structure and custom campaigns for every business and client, and guarantees success.


How to optimize the data-driven Social Media Marketing Packages approach to meet campaign objectives

Have a digital marketing strategy that outlines and target your goals. We are up to that, whether it’s through acquiring sales, awareness, leads & impressions, or conversion-driven campaigns.

Application of data-driven that allows measure social Media Campaign effectiveness and gain insight with analytics.


Providing media marketing solutions that showcase your ideal customers through creating buyer personas and targeting audiences with different filters; mobile devices, geographical locations, age groups, and personal interest.

Social media marketing varies from long-term campaigns and short-term events, and we create both depending on customer specifications and needs. We offer a wide range of packages available that suit budgets for every brand.


However, people find it hard in selecting the best digital service provider with the current market set-up. As a business owner, you need to assign budgets, allocate resources, and choose a suitable digital marketing or agency to assist you in meeting your goals.

Digital company in Kenya

Social Media Marketing Packages

For the above reason, we respond and make the task easier for you. If you are planning to hire Digital Brand Marketing Companies in Kenya, then we have a firm foundation in organic results. We were awarded a certificate as a digital company in Kenya last year.


Our team advises and complement a comprehensive reputation creation for our clients. We have a specialized team that drives, engage, and convert customers across all digital channels. We are a passionate team that strives for excellence.

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