Building a strong online presence

Developing a strong online presence

It is safe to say that social media has become the primary mode of communication and
interaction and also important mode of building strong online presence.

With most of services being digitalized, business people need to establish and
build a strong Online presence that identifies their business, gives a name to it and makes it
well known. There are several ways in which as a business person you can build your strong online
presence and make you as visible as you could ever be. These ways are as follows.

1.) Choosing the right platform

Going first up is understanding the type of content you want to share, and the format it is in. Whether you want to post video reels or just basic photos and posters. In choosing the right platform it also is essential to consider who your target audience is and where in the vast social media world they are probably going to be found spending most of their time in. An example is targeting the youths. The youths are mostly interested in platforms that are particularly more engaging and involving. It therefore would be fruitless to go for a platform like linked in to address them. Most youths are found in TikTok and Instagram and therefore those would be the appropriate platforms to use when your target audience is the youths. To sum up; you need to understand your audience in order to  choose the right platform to reach them and have a strong standing online presence.

2.) Engaging with your audience

Engaging with your audience is an important way of building a strong online presence. Creating engaging content and providing a safe space for your audience interaction is very important because it shows just how much you appreciate and value what your audience thinks. It really is easy to achieve this, one is simply by responding to your audience comments, messages and even mentions. By doing so you’ll be building and gaining their loyalty. These
people will talk about you even without asking them to. It makes you more re-known.

3.) Define your Objectives

Defining your objectives simply means identifying what it is you want to achieve by choosing
to use social media marketing platforms. If your objective for example is based on generating leads, as a
business person you might opt to use social media for the purpose of creating ads that target a specific group of persons who have the specific interests you have. Also, if your objective is to build your brand awareness and make yourself known to your audience, you may choose to grow your audience as well as engaging with them. There also are other popular objectives like the need to drive traffic to your website. To drive traffic you need to Understand what an audience is looking for, or hoping to find and deliver just that. Your objectives are therefore key to choosing the best way of having a strong online presence and growing your roots in the digital world.

4.) Produce engaging content

People generally get bored and tired of listening to or reading boring content or even repeated content. So in order to produce engaging content, Research on what your audience mostly enjoys listening to or reading. Also don’t let it end there, incorporate relevant photos that relate to the content you are producing to cut the monotony of people reading on endless content. People are also known to be attracted most by photos than plain
text. Engaging content will keep your audience coming back for more.

5.) Analyzing your metrics

Analyzing your metrics is simply monitoring the growth of your social media page. How many
followers you are getting and even the reach that your content makes. Metrics will make you understand
what sales and what doesn’t therefore adjusting the content you deliver to the market to what is most desired.

6.) Have a consistent brand voice

Consistent brand voice is what your brand identifies with. A consistent brand voice will get
your name out there to your target audience. It gets audience to understand what you offer and
therefore what to constantly expect from you.


Building strong online presence is but a process. From identifying what your objectives are, to knowing who your target audience is and what they expect from you. Understanding the platform to use and giving engaging content rather than driving people away with boring information. Also keep in mind to interact with the audience. It’s better to know what they prefer to get from you. Follow the tips for a successful strong online presence.