Digital marketing and SEO for Lawyers or Doctors in Nairobi, Kenya

Digital marketing for Doctors in Nairobi, Kenya

There is much competition that every business experiences daily. Online competition is one of the hitches that affect the growth of several law firms and health institutions in Kenya. Customer shopping and browsing behavior are some technical aspects that contribute to online competition.

Digital marketing and SEO for Lawyers or Doctors in Nairobi, Kenya

Every business is struggling to reach out to their right customers- potential clients who will either hire a service or drop feedback. And customers that need their services or help.

How is this even possible? The answer is SEO- Search Engine Optimization knowledge.

Digital marketing for Doctors


What is SEO for Lawyers and Doctors?

SEO is the process of configuring off-site and on-site contents of a website to rank well for the searched keywords and terms.


Maybe you don’t get it; let’s assume so.

What would you do if you were traveling and your car breakdown between the city you don’t understand so well? And it is already getting dark, and you can’t see anyone around to ask a few questions or advice.The next thing you can do is to pick your phone and search “the best mechanic around,” or you can search for how you can solve the situation by yourself.Or sometimes your computer develops unusual characteristics; you went to look for the solutions on Google. It happens. If you have not experienced it yet, then you may apply it in the future.




The results displayed to you are primarily a result of SEO configuration. Some are sponsored Ads, but that is a topic for another day.Google has a giant market share of search engines. About 60-80% of the online searchers use Google as their primary search engine. Several tricks for website optimizations are applicable across various firms and industries. That means Law firms and the Health sector are included.SEO strategies for the legal industry should be tailored effectively in Kenya. It is the industry with the highest demand, and people need justice now and then. But marketing legal firms can be a bit challenging because of the different rules and regulations.What works for business law may not work for criminal law, family law, personal injury law and many more. You need to master your area of specialization in deep depth for better SEO configuration.

The same applies in the health sector.

As a lawyer, you need to be much careful when representing your firm online. After working with different companies and industries for over five years, we’ve witnessed several mistakes that people commit in the process.There are some stiff penalties that the Government of Kenya imposes on businesses for violating advertising and ethics guidelines. Legal industries are so sensitive and complicated. You should be well guided with the type of information you display online.


Digital Marketing and SEO Tips for Lawyers and Doctors in Kenya

Here are the actionable strategies for lawyers to get their sites ranking on the first page of search results within the ethical roadmap.

Keyword Research and Discovery

Keyword research and analysis is the first stage of Search Engine Optimization. Keywords provide you with the kind of content and topics you need to prioritize. To optimize your legal services, you need to focus on keywords that drive sales and leads- keywords that enable searchers to sign up for legal services effortlessly.Ensure to pick keywords that have decent search volume; this will help you get quality traffic. Here is the “example, “the best corporate lawyer in Nairobi Kenya,” may have high search volume compared to “best corporate lawyer in Eldoret.”



Because everyone believes Nairobi to be the center of corporates and a pool of best lawyers.The top idea is to find out what people are typing into the search boxes and what they are looking for from search engines based on those searches.

You can practice the following tricks to guide you on what keyword search and the phrases to target first:


  • Find terms related to your area of expertise.
  • Compare different types of your target keyword phrases to see the exact thing people are looking for.
  • Go for phrases with decent search volume but with moderate search competition.
  • Find keywords with low search competition that can be targeted.
  • Use terms and phrases related to your primary keyword phrase for a web page (synonymous words).
  • Monitor what keywords competitors are ranking for and try as much as possible to create better and unique content that exceeds theirs.


Legal- Specific Call-to-Action

SEO is basically for driving quality traffic to a website. Then what is next? You need to manipulate web visitors to make an action. The Action may be to make purchases, leave contact details or anything that contributes to the company’s growth. Call to Action for lawyers is different, and one needs to acquire an additional strategy related to SEO. Lawyers should strategically place their CTAs on top of the fold- a relevant section which people can quickly scroll to see additional information. They should also have contact details on every page- specifically on the header section.

Legal Schema

Schema is a code in the HTML form applied to content to make it search engine friendly and understandable; it helps search engines figure out content relationships across web pages. Legal firms or health sectors have their own categories of Schema that assist search engines in configuring content related to health institutions and the legal profession.


Here is the list of Schema in the legal industries:

  • Addresses
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers
  • Reviews
  • Names of the Lawyers
  • Lawyer Biographic


Creating Legal Content Umbrellas

Content is the flesh that holds website structures together. Without the content, website brings no value to the business. Google crawls and indexes content periodically and in a systematic and organized manner. The arrangements of information available over the internet through the crawling and indexing processes.Search Engines categorize content logically, which makes it easy for people to find relevant content on the website. Whether in the legal or health set up, search engines ensure you get served with the most relevant content.


Your website should focus on the overall theme of your niche (such as corporate law or criminal law).


Your website should have a list of subtopics in your area of specialization.

SEO can drive your legal business to the hire limit. Ensure you have the best strategies that suit your legal or health industry, and you won’t regret getting your business online.

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