Digital Marketing Trends Prediction To See In 2021/22

Digital Marketing Trends Prediction To See In 2021/22

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The digital marketing game post-pandemic has wholly changed. Everything from the channels and platforms to customer expectations, purchasing decisions, and buying behavior have evolved, demanding a swift change in the digital marketing trends today.

This tremendous impact of covid-19 has dramatically affected the movements of companies today. The trends that earlier were flourishing hold less to no importance now, making it essential for businesses to alter their strategies and level up their techniques that can bring out the best value for the target audience and streamline their marketing trends. 

Following are some digital marketing trends that are anticipated to rule the post-pandemic digital marketing world. The reason for this swing is not only limited to buyer’s behavior but also the tough competition in the digital marketing space and customer retention that was earlier given no to very few significance. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

Soon in 2021, you will see artificial intelligence dominating the digital marketing ecosphere. Today this innovation is all around us, ruling the business fields with its robust qualities and features.

As stated by the PWC report, AI is the leading marketable opportunity for business today. They further revealed that by the end of 2030, Artificial Intelligence would renovate the throughput and GDP potential worldwide.

In contrast, GDP will surge up to 14%, and there will be an additional contribution of around $15.7 trillion to the world economy. 

Via this technology, businesses can better understand the needs of their customers and increase their sales.

  • Video Marketing

No one during the early days of 2019 would’ve thought what videos are up to. According to reports, video marketing is ready to become the most significant digital marketing trend in the next few years. And it’s expected that video marketing will soon thrash the race of content marketing as people today are more interested to watch than to read. 

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Video marketing is one the most convenient ways to bring an audience to your product. According to 75% of marketing experts, video marketing is the best route to get better conversions, and 64% of the customers admit that they make their purchasing decisions by watching the product video.

It is predicted that your business can drive 50% more organic traffic in the future via video marketing that can increase sales and help you improve Google ranking.

  • Local SEO

The shift to online business has made it essential for earlier traditional or brick n mortar businesses to leverage local SEO and bring a substantial amount of target audience to their page. 

If you have a solid online presence on social media channels, you are thriving the competition; otherwise, many businesses have been working on this tactic for ages and will continue to overrule.

The years 2021 and 2022 will be revolutionary years for businesses based on local SEO. Applying this tactic can increase your visibility, increase customer loyalty, and upsurge conversion growth that can significantly impact your overall ROI.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are crucial for 2021 and 2022. In this new normal where face-to-face interactions are restricted, chatbots provide excellent customer service to your target audience and increase sales and conversions.

For many consumers who need to have a solution to their queries handy, chatbots are an excellent option for answering their questions and getting their problems solved.

These gears offer 24/7/365 services and instant answers to customer queries that can result in excellent loyalty and increase business sales.

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More than 70% of the audience prefer communicating to a bot in this new normal than to a human. They believe chatbot provides a precise and concise answer to their inquiries that saves their time and helps them make decisions.

According to resources, chat bots are more intelligent than humans and allow businesses to save more than $7 billion by 2022.

  • Virtual Events

The rise of virtual events is yet another anticipated trend of digital marketing due to the covid lock downs. Before the pandemic, enterprises used to hold live events to launch their product, but due to the social distancing and lock downs, these events have turned online, and all affairs are being dealt with digitally.

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Because of these restrictions, over 45% of B2B marketers have replaced their physical events with online events. It is expected that more businesses will entirely move their in-person events to virtual events to cut off the event cost and stop the spread of this deadly disease.

However, with the rise of virtual events, organizations will have to become more tech-savvy to bring the best out of this trend.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a term not unknown to many of us but the significance this trend will gain in 2021 and 2022 is exceptional.

According to backlinko, there are 3.96 billion social media users worldwide. Most of these people use social media for entertainment purposes and spend most of their time on social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. 

With this rise in social media users, social media stories are predicted to become a crucial digital marketing trend.

Essay Writers quoted, “The benefits it can give an online business are outstanding. It includes robust brand recognition, better customer seller engagement, augmented organic traffic to web pages, etc.”

  • User-Generated Content 

You might have heard that there is no marketing better than word of mouth, and that is the reason user-generated content is going to see a massive surge during the next few years.

This trend is anticipated to swell because user-generated content is ideal for businesses whose potential audience is millennials or Gen Z. 

To leverage User Generated Content, you can ask your clients to share their reviews, a piece of substance, or different forms of content such as photos and videos. This can add value to your page to increase customer loyalty and augment better conversions.

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This interesting and trustworthy content encourages more leads to purchase from you results in them popping up to your landing pages, improving your sales and better search engine ranking. 

  1. PPC Advertising 

We all know what significance Pay Per Click holds for an online business, but the news is that PPC advertising will be one of the most beneficial digital marketing trends of 2022.

According to Google’s economic impact, your business will get a $2 return on the spending of $1 on Google Ads, which will make your marketing pretty much effective and help in generating maximum conversions possible.

  1. Influencer Marketing

If you are an Instagram user, there are fewer chances that you don’t follow any influencers. This tactic of using famous bloggers to market your product and bring awareness to your brand is highly beneficial in 2021. 

Today, more than 55% of people purchase products after listening to an influencer review, and more than 20% of people acknowledge that they trust these influencers more than a celebrity. 

The following of thousands these folks have can be very advantageous to your business in augmenting its sales. You can offer discount codes, BOGO deals, and many more to bring the best out of that vast audience.

However, make sure when you choose the blogger for your campaign, they must be relevant to your brand so you can pitch your correct target audience.

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