Get Our Free Offer on Digital Marketing Services and Support to Boost Your Start-Up

Support to Boost Your Start-Up

Support to Boost Your Start-Up

In every economic crisis like the one COVID-19 has caused, the most affected are the start-ups.

They experience some huge losses that can take people time to recover. The limited resources and
small financial pool they possess put them at a critical angle that may lead to their shutdowns. As
Global Desarts Media Company, our team realized the kind of frustrations SMEs are going
through and we have put-up some exciting solutions for them.


What is Global Desarts Media is Upto for Small Businesses?

We are here to destroy the “SHUTDOWN” button that many might be thinking about at this particular moment. We want to give them hope to invest more in their businesses. First, with the WHO’s social distancing guidelines, it means rarely will you find people in groups or crowds.

Again, where will you find them? They are online on social media checking for updates from government, friends, and relatives. Some are on Google searching for a business like yours. And so, you need to grasp their attention through these platforms and sell them your products or services.
How can you start this process? It would help if you had digital marketing skills or someone qualified to help you out. But hiring someone might expensive for start-ups, and that is where we walk in to help with our free offer on digital marketing services and support.

What does our offer entail? And who qualifies for the offer?

The free offer includes free web design, email marketing integration, SEO, Social Media marketing, and some that we will implement upon understanding your business model. This offer is eligible for small enterprises owned by youths age 30 years old and below. We will provide you with free support and mentorship for two weeks to equip you with suitable knowledge.

All you need to do is share your business with us or for someone else that you feel is qualified for this offer. Mention the type of business and why you think they deserve our free offer and will post the same on our Facebook page. We will award the one with more shares and comments. This program will run once every month(selecting one business per month) until our team will agree with the final decision to terminate the offer.

Join the challenge or nominate someone you feel should benefit from this program. We wish you