How Online Stores Are Surprisingly Making Profit Amid of Corona Virus Invasion

online store Corona Virus

Based on information from WHO, Corona virus is a large family of viruses that cause illness. The illness ranges from the common cold to more severe diseases. For instance like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. In Short Corona virus was discovered back in 2019.

online store Corona Virus

WHO describes Corona virus as a zoonotic, which means its transmission is between people and animals. The common symptoms of its infection include cough, fever, shortness of breath, and similarly breathing difficulties.


Corona virus spreads from person to person. When an infected person coughs without his/her mouth covered the droplets from the mouth or nose can land on to you. And the droplets may have the virus that improves the chances of infection. It can also spread when you touch an infected surface and bring the same hand into contact with your nose or mouth.


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You can be asking yourself this question, “How is Corona virus connected to online stores?”




What is Online Stores?


This a website application that sells goods and services online. With online stores, you can purchase or order any item online and get it delivered at your premises. It will help you reduce the number of people you meet every day that, in return, will lower the capacity of infections.


A good example of effects of corona virus invasion- Kenyans empty supermarkets in fear of first coronavirus case in Kenya.


Why are Online Stores making more profit amid of corona virus invasion?


  1. Convenience

Online is convenient since a customer can order for an item at their comfort. They can buy while in the office or at home by just using a smartphone, computer, or laptops. It reduces overcrowding in shopping centers that can raise the level of corona virus infection. Jumia is an example of the best online stores in Kenya.


  1. You can send gifts more easily

Sometimes you might be willing to buy some tips for your family or friends who are staying a bit far away. Then, you can imagine traveling with the gift, meeting different kinds of people. Or maybe public transport is the only means available, and with the corona virus invasion, you feel scared. Online stores will help you to deliver the gift to the intended person without risking your life during this pandemics invasion. Jumia delivers items to every part of Kenya.


  iii. No crowds

Coronavirus spreads through person to person, and people are trying to avoid crowds as much as possible. And this is a big win to online stores since people are making online purchases to prevent overcrowding in shopping centers. Kilimall , Jiji or Jumia have door to door deliveries that can be a strategy to reduce overcrowding.



Prevention is better than cure is a proverb we are used to since our childhood, and this the point we apply the same saying. Do online shopping to help you reduce the number of people you meet in a day. Meeting people will mostly trigger handshakes or coming into contact with infected surfaces. In case you want to develop e-commerce to reach out to your customers during this scaring moment, then look no further but Global Desarts Media.