How to Apply Visa to India 

How to Apply Visa to India 

Are you planning to visit the seventh-largest country in the world? If you are, there is so much to do in India, including visiting sacred sites like Harmandir Sahib, Mecca Masjid mosque, and Varanasi. You can also visit the most famous building in India and the world, the Taj Mahal. Other top attractions in India include The Golden City of Jaisalmer, The Gateway of India, The Beaches of Goa, and Agra Fort. Before visiting India, you might have to apply for a valid visa. So, read on to discover how to apply for a visa to India. 

Do You Need Visa to Visit India?

Yes, you have to obtain a valid visa to travel to India unless you are a citizen of Bhutan or Nepal. 

India Visa on Arrival

You can obtain your visa upon arrival in India. However, you have to apply for a valid India e-visa online to receive the visa on arrival. Once you get to India, a visa on arrival sticker will be placed on your passport when clearing the immigration department. So, remember to carry a printed copy of the e-visa and your passport to avoid deportation. 

India Visa Types

There are four main visa categories: tourist visa, business visa, medical visa, and medical attendant visa. To find the ideal one for your needs, you have to consider each Indian visa type. Let’s discuss each type below.

  1. India Tourist Visa

If you plan to visit India for touristic purposes, you should apply for the India Tourist Visa. This visa will allow you to:

  • Visit your friends and family
  • Explore top tourist attractions in India
  • Attend spiritual retreats like yoga

Foreign citizens from Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Croatia, Kenya, and more can apply for an India Tourist e-visa. 

  1. India Business Visa

The India business visa is ideal for foreign citizens who plan to conduct business while visiting the country. It is a double-entry visa that will remain valid for 180 days on the first entry date. In most cases, Indian business visas are processed within 96 hours. It is best to note that the India business visa is non-extendable and non-convertible. Moreover, you always have to carry a copy of your valid business visa during your stay in the country. You don’t qualify for a business travel visa to India if you are a diplomat or an international travel documents holder. 

The India business visa allows you to:

  • Sell and buy 
  • Attend business meetings 
  • Start a business venture
  • Tour the country
  • Recruit workforce
  • Attend exhibitions
  • Work as a specialist
  • Deliver lectures
  1. India Medical Visa

If you wish to travel to India for medical attention, it is advisable to apply for an Indian medical visa. Please note that you can only enter India 3 times with a medical visa. Moreover, only patients qualify for an e-medical visa to India. That means that a blood relative who wishes to accompany the patient must obtain a medical attendant visa. The validity of a medical attendant visa is 60 days from the date of arrival, and triple entry is allowed. Also, keep in mind that medical visas are non-convertible and non-extendable. To receive this type of visa, you have to provide a letter from a hospital in India. 

The India e-medical visa allows you to: 

  • Obtain short-term medical attention in India
  • Visit protected areas in the country
  1. India Medical Attendant Visa

India medical attendant visas are only awarded to two blood relatives accompanying a patient to the country. This type of visa is non-extendable and is valid for up to 60 days. Usually, e-medical attendant visas are approved within 96 hours. 

The India e-medical attendant visa allows you to:

  • Accompany your patient for medical treatment in India
  • Visit restricted areas in the country

How Much is Visa to India From Kenya?

Various factors like your nationality, age, services, and type of visa will determine the final cost of your India visa. For instance, a tourist visa to India from Kenya costs as low as ksh11500, while a business visa to India from Kenya costs as low as Ksh13800. India medical visa from Kenya will cost you around ksh9200. 

Where to Apply Visa to India 

Foreign citizens from over 150 countries, including Kenya, can apply for a visa to India online. Apply online and follow the instructions. Better yet, let the experienced specialists at Safari Global help you apply for a visa to India, whether you are in Kenya or abroad. 

Planning to Travel to India? We Can Help

Whether you plan to travel to India for business, medical attention, studies, or tourism, you can count on Peafowl Tours to help you experience all that India has to offer. We can help you apply for a passport and India visa to Kenya. Contact us today to learn more