Internet service providers in Nairobi, Kenya

Internet service providers Nairobi, Kenya

Firstly  COVID-19 pandemic has made both businesses and individuals realize that the future is now and there are chances this will stay even after things get back to normal, hopefully in the near future.

Internet service providers in Nairobi, Kenya

For instance, the use of internet or data has been mainly for social media access and email with a few using it for websites including intranets and a few other for education. There has been a rise in the use of the internet for entertainment and Edutainment among others in the last few years especially by the urban population.

Meanwhile Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have taken up and rolled out measures to support government’s call for social distancing and other guidelines on physical interaction and as a result they have put on offers.


On Day-to-Day Use:

1.    If you are a business man whose offices have been locked, this is the time to reach out to online shops and register your business and add a small fee for delivery so that you still make revenue. This will need to be powered by an ISP of your choice.

2.    Larger businesses that were previously cash heavy, they need to quickly consider working with aggregators and payment platforms to accept card payments on their websites  .

3.    An entrepreneur or business man will want to open up a payments solution for their business which could include their bank wallet or even mobile money. Most importantly is for them to have a means to collect electronic cash and minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus through physical movement of money

4.    To clarify as a consumer, you want to consider some of the top 3-5 online shops or getting your market “Mama Mboga’s” WhatsApp number and your usual boda guy’s number too. In other words, Mama Mboga sends you pics or videos and prices of her stock, you choose what you want, she packs and your boda guy picks it up for you. On the other hand ride hailing companies are also a handy pick.

5.    Self-help and Do It Yourself (DIY) videos: On the other hand this is the time to learn new skills, try out something new, a twisted cooking recipe for tastier rice etc. Just use your data to get better at your current skills or new skills; the choice is entirely yours.

6.    Education: For instance there are a number of online courses you can take that are completely free and you can get a certificate for them. Register for one, get that certificate and add it to your completed items list.


Top Five Kenyan Internet Service Providers


Firstly #1 Zuku  is a pioneering brand that operates under Wananchi Group offering an array of services in television and internet. Zuku has a market share of about 40% in fiber home internet connection with speeds of up to 50 Mbps. Zuku offers several packages of internet to its clients with a range of pricing beginning at KEs. 3,000.  The firm also offers personalized plans according to the underlying needs. Notably, internet plans offered at Zuku are mostly unlimited.


Secondly #2 Safaricom This is one of the most popular internet service providers in Kenya. Safaricom mainly provides bundled internet services which are mostly capped. However, Safaricom recently unleashed home fiber connections. . Safaricom is equally set to launch set-top boxes to supply wireless internet via their fast 4G network on smart televisions. Apparently, Safaricom has fiber to home connectivity of 5 Mbps at KEs. 3000.


Further #3 Airtel connects home wireless router which serves up to 8 users at a cost of KEs. 4000 per month. Airtel office wireless routers connects up to 35 users at a go.


In addition #4 Telcom offers various unlimited internet plans with specified data caps specified under fair usage policy commonly known as FUP. A case in point of a capped plan is a weekly subscription of 10GB at KEs. 1000. Upon exhaustion, the user is still allowed to browse the internet at a restricted speed of 256 Kbps. For KEs. 3000, you can get 30 GB data cap valid for one month.


#5 Faiba Internet This internet service provider operates under Jamii Telcom offering business internet connectivity mostly in Nairobi. Faiba internet is highly limited to select locations within the city.

Check out more internet provider In Nairobi, Kenya
Poa Internet

Firstly, internet provider offers home broadband connections with speeds of up to 4mbps with a monthly fee of only 1,500 shillings per month. In conclusion, they charge a one-time connection fee of 2,000 shillings.

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 Elink Networks

Firstly, Elink networks offer unlimited home internet connection from 7mbps to 15mbps. It charges Kshs. 2500 per month for 7mbps, 4,000 for 11mbps, and Kshs 6,500 for 15mbps.

 Skynet Broadband

Firstly, they offer high-speed internet service through VSAT, fibre, WiMAX, and HFC connections. Above all, they offer up to 60 Mbps quality speeds on VSAT with charges ranging from Kshs. 6,800.


Access Kenya

It is a top internet service provider that has been in the market for more than 10 years. Secondly, the company provides corporate internet solutions, residential broadband connection, and managed services. 

Tabana Wireless

Firstly, they delivers fixed wireless and wifi cloud-based wireless RF networks, wifi offload, WLAN wifi wireless ethernet bridge, wireless LAN survey with wifi network bridge installation. The company’s charges for various internet plans range from Kshs. 800 to 4,099

Hai Internet

It offers a super fast and reliable internet connection at affordable prices that start from Kshs. 2,874 onwards, depending on your most preferred internet plan.


In conclusion, Check out Full internet service providers list

Access Kenya Group

Acevilla Development Co Ltd

Africa 2000 Network

African Laughter Ltd

African Regional Centre for Computing

Al-Wahda Telecommunication Bureau

Alphanet Communications Ltd

Altech Swift Global

Altech Swift Global (K) Ltd

Arkard It Solution

Asego Enterprises Co Ltd

Aster Global services Kenya Ltd (AGSKL)

Bandwidth and Cloud Services Bhaniks Ltd

Bidii Dot Com Ltd

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To sum up hopefully, you’ve managed to find the best internet service provider in the Nairobi, Kenya depending on your needs.