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First of all our company’s SEO philosophy as Global Desarts Media is about one specific thing – getting relevant visitors, and changing them into paying customers. It’s actually a pretty simple philosophy, but there aren’t many companies that can do it. We use proprietary techniques and plain old hard work in order to achieve your SEO and  objectives. By employing a series of ‘best practices’ across both your site and all internet marketing. SEO can bring you the business you’re looking for .

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App Development Company in Kenya, What is an App? An App is computer software, or a program, most commonly a small, specific one used for mobile devices.
In other words, App is just software. Originally software that you installed on a computer as a program was labelled as an application – or the shortened name of app. However, the common usage of “App” or “Application” now generally refers to the distribution through app stores where the download and installation happen with a single action.

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Improve Website Visibility

It’s time to take our annual look at what’s ahead for SEO professionals in 2020.

What SEO strategies and tactics will work and help you dominate in the SERPs and earn more revenue in 2020?

This is the question we ask every year here at Global Desarts Media.

This year, We asked 30 of today’s top SEO professionals for their thoughts.

Here are the top  trends you need to know in 2020, according to the experts.

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Online Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies. Its mainly on the internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising and any other digital medium. As digital platforms are increasingly incorporated into marketing plans. Also in everyday life, and as people use digital devices instead of visiting physical shops. Digital marketing campaigns are becoming more prevalent and efficient in Kenya

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Firstly digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. Secondly businesses prefer digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers.

To sum up an influx of people spend twice as much time online as they used some few years ago. Subsequently the way people shop and buy has really changed, meaning offline marketing is not as much effective nowadays.

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Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

The impact of social media especially on the hospitality industry is huge. Social Media Marketing For Restaurant and Bar in Kenya is a great way for nearly any business to communicate and market directly to customers. As a restaurant owner or manager, if you’re not using social media, you’re missing a huge opportunity for growth.. If your restaurant business is not incorporated with social media, you’re missing on the biggest opportunity to grow your business. Creating social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter for your e-commerce business can build trustworthy relation with the people who don’t know personally and also restaurateurs can integrate restaurant management system to order food online and review.

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