Practical Tips for Flying With Your Baby Abroad

Flying With Your Baby Abroad

Whether flying with an infant or a mobile toddler, flying with your kid can be an extreme sport. Luckily, the experience can be less stressful for you with the right planning. All babies are different. Some find it hard to settle in the new environment, while others settle in quickly and easily. That’s why you should start planning for your flight to Dubai, India, Ethiopia, or any other destination as soon as possible. 

Keep reading to discover practical tips for flying with your baby.

Start Planning Early

You have to carry the right essentials, choose the right clothing, and keep your baby at ease throughout the flight. Fortunately, you can enjoy a peaceful flight when you start planning early. 

Pack All the Essentials

Another thing that can make traveling with a baby easier is carrying all the things you need for the flight. Wondering what things do you need for traveling with a baby? First, check with your airline to discover what you can carry for the flight. Many airlines allow mothers to carry breast pumps, diaper bags, accessories, and car seats. 

You might also need additional bottles, a change of clothes, diaper cream, and lots of wipes. Don’t forget to pack enough food, a changing pack, and your infant’s medication. 

Choose the Right Travel Outfit for Your Baby

Like many parents, you are probably unsure what to wear when traveling with a baby. Although you might be tempted to dress them in something fancy, it is advisable to dress your kid in a comfortable outfit. Your kid will be more comfortable in a practical and comfy outfit. Above all, it will be easy for you to handle when you have to change a diaper in the small airplane washroom. Don’t forget to carry socks and a hat when it gets chilly. Dark colors are perfect for stains and spills when it comes to colors. In addition, choose practical shoes.

Book Comfortable Seats

Most parents usually overlook the seating arrangements while booking a flight. Booking good seats can make a world of difference throughout the travel. It is advisable to choose an aisle seat if you want more room for movement without disturbing those around you. On the other hand, you can choose the front seats if you prefer more leg space. You can also book a bassinet to help your child get enough rest during long-haul flights.  

Keep Your Baby Entertained

You can keep your kid engaged throughout the flight by carrying a selection of their favorite toys and kiddo accessories. However, don’t burden yourself by carrying more than you can handle. Where possible, bring the small teddies or toys. Better yet, shop around for new items. You can even get creative by wrapping the toys so that your kid gets to unwrap them. This will give you a few extra minutes to relax. 

Protect the Ears

The change in ear pressure while flying can be uncomfortable for your bundle of joy. That’s why you should plan to soothe those years during your flight. One way of doing this is by feeding your baby during takeoff and landing. Earphones and baby earplugs will also help. In addition, take time to talk to your kid before flying. Above all, visit the pediatrician to have your kid’s ears examined.  

Final Thoughts

Flying with your baby can be a challenge, especially if it’s your first time. Luckily, these tips will help you survive a flight with your toddler. If you need help finding comfortable and affordable flights for you and your kids, contact the experienced specialists at Stejo Safaris.