SEO Marketing for Massage Parlor and Spa Businesses in Kenya

SEO Marketing for Massage Parlor and Spa Businesses in Kenya

Digital marketing is one of the booming aspects of businesses. As a business owner, you only have one option but to use the internet to promote your business.


Do you have a parlor or spa business operating in Kenya?


What can you see on Google if you search for the best parlor or spa in Kenya?

Marketing for Massage Parlor
Marketing for Massage Parlor


Do you have that business featured or listed on the front page of Google? If you don’t see it, you lack some skills for the company. And that is SEO skills. With SEO knowledge, you can push your business to appear on the top page of search engines like Google.




What is SEO marketing?

SEO marketing is the practice of manipulating keywords to match what people are searching for online. Generally, it is the process of doing your business to rank on search engines for easy accessibility by your potential clients. SEO marketing helps you to target the right market and audience. People who are looking for solutions are automatically having problems.


What are the practical case studies for SEO practices?

As a business, you need to be in their shoes, understand their problems, and develop suitable solutions. Let’s assume you’re looking for the best school in Nairobi, and this means you may be having a kid joining school soon or enquiring for a friend.


And then take the scenario of the learning institution; they need to convince you that they are the best. They need to tell you why they are the best and what is unique about their services.


The structure and SEO techniques

Do you want to rank your parlor or spa on the first page of Google?


If you stand close to the parlor or spa when performing the search, we expect you to see it. That chiefly applies when you optimize your business well with Google My Business. What about your clients that are far away and would like to know more about your business? It would help if you made adjustments for your SEO marketing.


Free SEO tips for a massage parlor and spa businesses

You may be wondering about what to do next. But you need to stop that; we have everything you need to expose your business digitally. You can hire our SEO services or adjust them yourself by practicing the tips shared below.


What is exciting about us is that we focus on helping our clients through empowering some tasks by themselves. Which company can give you free tips? Imagine if we provide free information, it means we are not doing business, but we don’t care about that because we want your business to grow.


Benefits of SEO marketing to Massage Parlor and Spa Business

SEO marketing will help you get more customers, which as a result, will boost your profit. Who doesn’t want more profit? We know you want even excess, which is the aim of every business. They want to get more sales, leads, and profit. SEO is the only strategy where you won’t spend lots of money on running ads. You only need SEO skills, and you are ready to hit the road.


 The ABCs of SEO marketing Massage Parlor and Spa


You Need a website

Website is the primary requirement for SEO marketing. All your online data from clients are captured through the websites. From calculating the time that clients take browsing through your website, their entrance page, or pages that they view within your website.


All the mentioned details only come through the website, where you configure Google Analytics and Console to handle the task precisely. So, before you consider SEO marketing, hire web designers to make your website, or you can learn WordPress design and to it yourself.


WordPress is a content management system that allows non-programmers an easy process to develop websites without necessarily attending college.


The learning process is pretty simple, and after one week, you can make a website. But keep in mind that a website is mandatory for SEO marketing. If you don’t want to waste time, hire SEO companies to keep the process simple and appear professional. As a beginner, you may stuff your website with keywords that can increase your web bounce rate.

Marketing for Massage Parlor


Register the Business with Google My Business

Google My Business will boost your Google ranking since it helps Google identify the category of your business.


According to information from Moz, Google My Business triggers about 19% of the Google ranking performance for local business-like Massage parlors and spa. This is a massive boosting for your SEO marketing.


Google My Business enables you to submit a lot of information about your massage parlor and spa, including location and contact details. This makes it easier for users searching for “spa and massage parlor near me” Google can identify and trace if your spa is close to such users and provide them with your business details. In case you are missing from the list, that is a lost deal or customer.


Improve Your Website Content

Google index your website based on the content available. If your website mentions a massage parlor or spa, Google will categorize it and display your business to people looking for services related to massage. Get a professional SEO writer to write your web content, or you can learn how to write SEO-friendly content.


What professional SEO writers do is that they understand the use of different tags and headings that fit Google guidelines. As a result, even your search engine optimization is easier since they know the types of words to use and the ones to avoid.


You need to keep auditing your web content more often while focusing on keyword research and analysis. Know what people are looking for, the service they need. Check the keywords they use in the search boxes. You don’t need to stuff your web with many keywords; you can write a blog post using some keywords as titles and subtitles. Ensure your blog is SEO-friendly as well. Keep writing as many blogs as you can but make them relevant, educative, informative, or any format that will help your readers.

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