Utilizing Instagram’s New Features to Increase Reach 

Boost your Instagram reach

Instagram (IG) is one of the top social networks globally. It continues to elevate with style and function to create a unique experience for the user. The new features take things up a notch to help make it more convenient to cater to your core target. Here are some new features to help increase your reach on IG. 


Schedule Live Feeds 

You may want to buy Instagram followers in 2022, but a live feed can also help connect with users. The problem in the past was that people could only catch the live feed right as a person would do it. Of course, you can watch it in a post or see a reel later. 


However, it takes away from the live aspect. IG has made it easier for not only you to create a scheduled live, but your followers will know ahead of time. The advantage is they can opt-in to get notifications about when the feed starts. 


Additionally, you can post the link on your page to make it easier to access. When you have a schedule of lives, it makes you more organized. Also, it keeps you on a routine to cater to your audience. 


Better User Engagement 

User engagement is more relevant than ever on social media. Even with the world opening up, people still feel safer behind their laptops or smartphones conversing with others. You can utilize IG analytics to help you recognize your best audience. 


The analytics feature allows you to view accounts reached and accounts engaged.


Accounts reached show you metrics divided by geography, gender, age, followers/non-followers, and content reach. You’ll have a better idea of what cities and countries enjoy your content. Also, you can see the gender and age to help you grasp whether you should create more feminine or masculine things for your target audience. 


Accounts engaged helps you find out how the content splits into different types. Get a better idea of what content gets more attention and the material that needs to go back to the drawing board. 


One of the gems about this feature is seeing what happened in 90 days. It helps you measure your performance to note if some of your posts have longevity or just hit a trendy wave. 


Collaboration Posts

Collaborations between fans, brands, and influencers have become more apparent with social media. However, IG has optimized this factor the most. Of course, people would create a post and tag people in it to shoutout a brand. 


Create a collaboration post where just one person can do a post and tag the brand directly in the feed. The best thing about this is both sides get traffic, comments, and likes. It’s a new way to help you get new followers and leads. 


If you’re promoting a movie, clothing, food, or another product, this is the best way to take advantage of the situation. Increase your brand awareness by collaborating with like-minded individuals to help both sides succeed. 


Video Reels 

Video reels have become more important to get optimal engagement. Photos are easier to scroll and like, but might not always translate to more action. 


Since people have to look at a reel for 30 seconds or more, it’s better at convincing people of the message. Also, you can have your description right under if people decide they want to get further explanation. 


Studies have shown that people comment twice as much on videos. Video reels can help increase your reach. Not to mention, the IG algorithm loves the comments and engagement on these videos. 


You’ll get more traction because a larger audience will see the reels to help you rank higher on this social media platform. 



While subscriptions aren’t a new idea, they can help you on IG. People love exclusive content because it makes them feel a part of a members-only club. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes look t or a discount on something, they will pay to get access to them. 


You can have a monthly fee for all your exclusive stuff, and your loyal followers will get priority access to it. Not only does it put money in your pocket, but you find out who wants to support your stuff. Also, you can better cater to specific demographics who like different things. 


Chronological Feed Order

It was a feature introduced some time ago, but now it’s back in 2022. People can give priority to how they want to see their IG feed. You can break it up into favorites, followers, and home. 


Businesses can take advantage of this feature by having content-rich pages that their followers will have as their favorites. It can give you more visibility and help you contact your core audience. 


Use IG’s new features to help you build a successful social media audience.