Website & Email Marketing For Small Business In Kenya

Email Marketing For Small Business In Kenya

Website & Email Marketing For Small Business In Kenya

Firstly, email marketing is a digital marketing channel that most professionals define as a long-term solution.

It is the most effective way to reach out to your customers with different discounts and offers. Many are frightened by the fact that email marketing is more powerful than Social Media marketing for businesses in Kenya. Yes, it is more powerful since you can measure appropriately and find out the reason for the email bounce rate and spam reporting.

Email Marketing For Small Business In Kenya

Why people find email marketing non-profitable

The reason why most people find email marketing non-profitable is because they pick wrong email marketing providers. Or maybe they target the wrong market with email content. Before you trigger any email marketing, try to understand your audience and their reasons for joining your email list. Make sure you serve their purpose and needs by providing solutions to their problems with a suitable approach.


Let’s assume you are dealing with fashions and designs, and subscribers are joining to hear more about your deals and offers. Then you hit their mailbox with stories that are not related to your products. What do you think will happen? Your emails will be reported as scams, accompanied by numerous un subscriptions. As a business owner or service provider looking for the best email marketing agency in Kenya, you should take time in researching what fits your business. There are several email marketing providers, and it’s your research that will help you secure the best one for your business.


Ways to run effective email marketing in Kenya 

Shorten signup process

Customers don’t like to waste their time. You’ve almost four seconds to win their attention when they land on your websites. Provide a precise reason why they should join your email list. Talk about the benefits you’re planning to release in the future and tell them the implications for failing to join; like missing the best deal ever.


Don’t request for many details from customers that may make them doubt your website. Seeking for much information may seem to be a fraud and bait a trap for clients. Integrates signup forms with social media to ease the process to clients from your social media handles.


Avoid Violating Email marketing policies

Stay within the email marketing guidelines and avoid exploiting customer rights negatively. Stop sending emails that sound soliciting for customers. Like, “please subscribe to my email list my business is collapsing.” If you submit such emails, then your email marketing is likely to collapse. Send something like this, “We have some good offers coming up soon. Our premium social marketing package is $500, and we will charge $250. Subscribe and will update you more about this deal.”


Assume you were in the customer’s shoes and you truly need social media marketing for your business, will you skip subscribing? No, why? Because your challenge for social media marketing is solved correctly with the same offer. After their subscription ensure you fulfill the covenant by delivering what you promised. Without that, it clearly shows that you are a fraud and this is an abuse to customer’s rights.

Familiarize with your audience-

Try to learn and know more about your audience the kind of content they love to consume. The content you share with the email subscribers should feed the appropriate ego of your customers. Sending relevant emails will keep them engaged and angry to receive notification of your emails. Your readers will go even further to share your emails with colleagues, friend and relatives.


Send Brief Emails

Lengthy emails are boring even its appearance itself can look intimidating to readers. Most people are very busy, and they have chats they want to respond to, to view some trending stories and check for updates from friends. And they tend to ignore long pieces that may consume their time. Use attractive email subject lines to grasp their attention. Keep sending emails more often so that they can forget about your company and services. It will broaden and strengthen the relationship between your business and clients.


How to find the best email marketing services in Kenya

Finding the best email marketing agency in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, or any city in Kenya is challenging several entrepreneurs. When planning to work with an agency to run your email marketing processes and campaigns you need to hire one with the following qualifications;


#01: Email Marketing specialist team

Firstly, asses experts that they are willing to sign for your email marketing program. Ask for their previous work that reflects their;


Email Marketing Strategies-

They should provide you with email marketing strategies and their unique selling point that can positively improve your business. You’ll have an extensive list of the best email marketing strategies from different firms, but it’s your role to select what fits your business.


Lead magnet development-

Above all, the team from an agency should show proof of their successful lead magnet development strategies. The results from the report are enough to help you make a decision that will suit your email marketing campaign plans.


Email List Maintenance-

An agency is a next partner that helps in securing your business goals. And so, select an agency that has an accurate record in maintaining and managing email lists for customers. The customer data and details are compassionate, and an agency with a positive reputation will help in maintaining the privacy of their details.


Performance tracking and reporting-

In every marketing strategy performance, tracking, and reporting are relevant when reviewing the progress of your business. It provides records of non-profitable email marketing strategies and campaigns that you may exclude when running other campaigns.


#02: Affordable

Secondly, Select an email marketing plan or agency that your business can afford to pay without facing financial hitches. But don’t go for the unsuitable company so that you can cut on the cost. Remember, it is your business, and it deserves the best support to improve its viability. Hire affordable agency but with excellent records in supporting businesses digitally.

03#: Continuous support and improvements

Further, an agency that will be developing your email marketing campaigns should show and reveal that they will provide continuous support to your marketing teams and cope with your business changes.  The agency should also be ready to make improvements to its services to meet the ever-changing email marketing processes and strategies. What works today may not work tomorrow, and so they should be ready to have solutions for the same.


Convert More Leads Using Best Email Marketing Services

The best email marketing services help you as a business owner to improve your sales goal. The primary approach of email marketing is to take a customer from one stage of sales funnel to the next. From brand awareness, consideration, action, engagement to advocacy. Having the best agency will help you develop and monitor the whole cycle.


Reading this piece up to this end means you are serious about an email marketing program. Maybe you have a friend, or you are working in a firm, and you want to scale your skills up. But what will happen if you read the whole thing and you make no steps? You will feel wasted, right? It would be best if you didn’t feel like that. Above all, Global Desarts Media has the best email marketing services and pieces of training that will help you excel. Contact us for more information about Email Marketing For Small Business In Kenya