Which One Is Better: SEO Or Paid Ads in 2022? 

SEO Or Paid Ads in 2022? 

It’s been in discussion for years for internet marketing. SEO and paid ads will always be relevant topics. Both sides provide a unique element to help you with your marketing campaign. Take a look at the identities of each tactic. 

Why Do You Need Both? 

Whether you use SEO or go down the path of paid ads, you need to find the ideal methods to market your website. A site means nothing without creating targeted traffic to help you promote your product or build a following. Take some UI boot camps to gain more knowledge in attracting a core audience. 

It all depends on what you need to help you advance in your services. The better your content and marketing tools, the higher traction you’ll receive. SEO and Paid Ads are just gateways to get your audience to take action on your site. 

What Is SEO? 

SEO is short for search engine optimization. Use this method to get a better ranking on search engine result pages to get more traffic to your brand. Also, you want the quality of traffic to rise to get more leads for your products and services. 

Google search engine index your pages for relevancy and authority. The more relevant your content is to the webpage, the better chance you have for developing a higher ranking. Also, you build more notoriety because you become someone well-known in your niche.

Your text, images, and links get the first impression for people searching specific terms that relate to your brand. 

Benefits of SEO

Here are a few benefits of using SEO:

Better Return on Investment

One of the best things about doing SEO is you don’t need to spend every last dollar on each keyword. The goal is to optimize your site with the algorithm. Using this form of marketing can help you get quality ROI without investing too much money. 


You raise brand awareness and build relevant traffic for a low price. It’ll help you get to the top-five search results to improve your campaign exposure. 


Creating a trust can help you get more priority when it comes to your niche. While it takes time to reach your SEO goals, sustainability is better than other marketing methods. 

What Are Paid Ads?

You pay for every user click placed above the organic search engine results. While you get a higher dominion, you don’t earn it. 

Benefits of Paid Ads 

Better Branding

Paid ads can help you spread and maintain brand awareness through various platforms. Spending money on these can help your advertisement stand above the search engine results. People will notice these first and keeps your brand in their heads. 

Quicker Visibility

Paid ads also give you more priority. Since you’re paying to beat out the competition, you’ll get faster results to help with visibility on the web. 

Pay for What You Get 

The more you spend, the better chance you can rank higher for each keyword in your paid campaign. While it might be expensive, you get ahead of the game at a higher speed. Consider this a premium for optimal results. 

Capture a Target Audience

One of the best things about using paid ads is how you know the user’s intention. SEO attracts a great audience, but most of them might visit your site for a minute only to log off. However, your ads tune into a specific audience for time, date, location, and other demographics. 

You’ll get a better conversion rate catering to a specific crowd for things you sell. 

Cons of SEO

Here are a few negative things about SEO:

  • Time-consuming
  • Needs original and authentic content
  • Not the end-all, be-all for marketing 

You might not have the time to set up your SEO because it’s a lot of work behind it. Also, you might not have the talent to create content. However, you should find a way to get all of this together to develop a solid organic traffic campaign. 

Cons of Paid Ads 

Here are some of the cons of paid ads:

  • Users might be skeptical of paid ads
  • You have to continue to pay per ad
  • It may not be encouraging

Some people may not gravitate towards it because they know it’s only to draw them to your products. It can get expensive because of the commitment you need to have each day to invest in your ads. However, this can be the fastest way to grow your audience. 

Which One Is Better?

It all depends on your goals. If you’re competing with the big leagues, you might want to have a paid ad campaign to help you flourish quicker. Maybe you’re in a smaller niche and want to grow your audience naturally through SEO

Create a solid online marketing campaign to help you build a successful website.