Why is Your Facebook Ad Approved and Active but not running

Why is Your Facebook Ad Approved and Active but not running

Why is Your Facebook Ad Approved and Active but not running


Ad Set’s end date has passed:

Facebook Ad Approved

Once the delivery date for the campaign has passed, Facebook will stop delivering your ads. If you want to keep running them, you should consider extending the period.

How to fix it:

Choose the ad set you want to edit and change the desired new end date.


Ad Set’s start date is set in the future:

When creating campaigns to launch a new product or service that will occur at a set date in the future.

How to fix it:

If you need to start your ads now, then you should consider changing your schedule.


Your audience is very narrow:

When targeting a very narrow audience, say, people who purchased in the last three days, this might result in very few people (depends on the size of your e-shop). There might also be that you have applied too many targeting criteria that narrowed your audience dramatically. In both cases, you need to make some adjustments.

How to fix:

1. You can edit the Ad Set targeting to make the necessary exclusions to avoid any overlap.

2. In the case that overlapping isn’t the problem, you can target this audience via the Reach Campaign objective. This will help you show your ads to the people in your chosen audience.


There are Ad Sets with overlapping audiences:

When audiences between Ad Sets overlap, this means that you are competing against yourself.

How to fix it:

Make sure that your audiences aren’t overlapping. To ensure that this is the case, you should use Facebook’s Audience Overlap Tool. Head over to the Audiences Tab and choose the audiences you think may overlap. Then choose “Show audience overlap” under “Actions”.

Your bids or budget are way too low:

Every Facebook Ad you create enters the auction to be able to display your ads to your audience. When using low bids your ad isn’t competitive, so you end up losing to other advertisers leaving you no place in the bidding auction.

How to fix it:

Try increasing your bids and or changing your bidding strategy. Make sure that you know how much a conversion is worth to you and use this as a guide. If you are unsure, you may want to use the lowest cost with no cap for some days to get data and then adjust your bidding strategy accordingly.


You don’t have enough data to optimise for:

Depending on your goals, optimising for Conversions is the way to go. If you are starting a new campaign and you have no previous conversions (purchases, add-to-carts etc.), it will be difficult for Facebook’s algorithm to find people within your target audience that will convert. In that case, your delivery will be very limited.

How to fix it:

You should consider changing the conversion event you are optimising for to one that occurs more frequently. Usually, you will want to optimise for an event higher in your funnel (add-to-carts instead of purchase).


You are using discriminatory targeting:

If you are advertising any housing, employment or financial service be sure you comply with Facebook’s non-discrimination policy when targeting or excluding specific groups of people based on race, ethnicity, marital status, etc. By utilising discriminatory targeting in your Facebook ad sets, you will experience low to none ad delivery or get your ads rejected.

How to fix it

Remove the targeting that may be flagged as discriminatory and be sure to review and accept the terms of their non-discrimination policy.


Why your ads aren’t delivering: Ad level

The ad is under review:

Every ad you create, or edit needs to be reviewed. The process usually takes 24 hours to change the ad status from under review to approved.

How to fix it:

First make sure of the status of your ad. Create a filter based on ad delivery to check if there are any ads under review. Then contact Facebook via their “Ads Pending Review more than 24 hours” form. You need to provide them with the Ad ID, and a description of your problem.


Your Facebook ad has been disapproved:

They have to do with whether your product or services fall under their restricted or prohibited content or the language used in your Ad copy.  Take a look at this example: New diabetes treatment” vs. “Do you have diabetes?”

How to fix it:

Create a filter to find all the disapproved ads. Usually, Facebook provides you with a reason why your Facebook Ad has been disapproved. If you feel that it has been wrongfully disapproved, you can use Facebook’s “Appeal a disapproved ad” form.


More than 20% text in your creatives:

Although it has been some time since Facebook doesn’t require advertisers to adhere to the 20% text restriction having more than that will definitely hurt your chances showing your ads to your target audience.

How to fix it:

Use the “In review” filter to find the ads affected by this restriction. Next, use Facebook’s “Image Text Check” tool to ensure that the next set of creatives won’t contain text more than the 20%.


Low Relevance Score
Relevance score is a little known feature in Facebook.

Facebook wants to show people the most relevant ads. Relevance scores helps determine which people see your ads. The score is calculated on the expected positive and negative feedback an ad could receive from the target audience.

An ad’s relevancy is based on a scale from 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. . Video views, conversions and other metrics can all impact a relevance score.

You may be asking how this affects Facebook ads not delivering.

It’s very important. Facebook wants people to see ads that are of interest to them. If your ad has a higher relevancy score, Facebook will charge you less to reach people. If you have a low relevancy score, your ad will cost more and be served to fewer people.

In an early-stage campaign, a relevancy score that starts low will be seen by fewer people at a higher cost. So while your ads may deliver, you will be paying more and getting lower results.

In a later-stage campaign, a falling relevancy score can indicate that an ad creative needs to be refreshed.


Your Customer Satisfaction Score is low:

Customer Satisfaction Score is assigned to all Facebook Pages running ads and ranges from zero to five.  Make sure to improve your score to be able to deliver your ads to your target audience.

There you have it! A complete and practical guide on the most common issues regarding ad delivery and how to fix them.


To help you through the trials and tribulations of advertising on Facebook, we compiled a list of the most common reasons why your Facebook ad campaign isn’t working

Here’s the 2019 edition!

  1. Disapproved Ads
  2. Account spending limit had been reached
  3. Your image violates the 20% rule
  4. Bid is too low
  5.  Campaign does not have enough budget
  6. Your optimization goal is hard to reach
  7. Ads are not relevant to your audience
  8. Your audiences are overlapping
  9.  Stuck in review Ad
  10. Your ad is low quality
  11. Your Ad is deemed as an issue of national importance

Facebook Ad Approved



The Solution:
  1. If your  account may have been flagged, stop running your ads right this minute.Delete the ads that have suddenly stopped getting impressions. Don’t try to get more ads through, even if you change the copy. Take a break from Facebook ads for a couple of weeks, and when you come back to them, start off slow with ads that have no chance of getting disapproved. And cross your fingers that your account doesn’t get shut down.
  2. If you have NOT had your ads disapproved for violating Facebook’s guidelines but your ads have stopped getting impressions, go into the Power Editor and change something about the ad: a word or two in the copy, or perhaps the image. Then hit Upload Changes.

Facebook Ad Approved


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